In my spare time I enjoy standing in my driveway looking confused

I guess I should be use to being a failure at this point. I barely graduated HighSchool, I’ve already been academically suspended once, and I’m about to fail out of collage again. No matter how hard I study or try it’s useless. I spend countless hours studying and stressing for something that seems unachievable. I’m going nowhere in my life. I’m not good at anything so it’s not like I have a craft I can prefect. I’m just average at everything.
Maybe I’m just being dramatic but I see no feature for myself. Nothing. Every time I try to see myself in the feature weather it’s a week from now or years from now I see nothing. Just darkness. I’m generally an optimistic person, but at this point everything’s so screwed that not even I can see the light.

chloenatasha asked: Oh that was me btw last ask ;

So I guess you’re an Alice in Wonderland fan too? Lol